Public Information


  • Public information shall be open except the cases provided in applicable legislation, or concerning information containing personal data or state and/or commercial confidential information.
  • Public Agencies shall provide proactive disclosure of the public information in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Everyone may claim public information irrespective of its physical form or the condition of storage. Everyone may choose the form of receipt of public information, if there are various forms of its receipt, and gain access to the original of information. If there is the danger of damaging the original, a public agency shall provide access to the original under supervision.
  • In order to receive public information, one shall submit written request to the public agency. There is no need of providing aim or purpose of the request. When submitting request for commercial confidential information on the behalf of the other person, one shall provide the consent of the authorizing person approved by the notary or relevant administrative body.
  • Public information can be requested in an electronic form using electronic resources of the public agency. A public agency shall provide access to the copy of public information. No fees shall be charged for distributing public information, except for copying costs.


Acts, concerning free access to public information:

Chapter III, General Administrative Code of Georgia

The Law of Georgia on Public Information Copying Fees 

The Rule of Proactive Disclosure of Public Information


Person responsible for the disclosure of public information in electronic form – Keti Papunashvili

Tel : +995 32 228 77 06


Address: #1 M. Abushelishvili St, 0103 Tbilisi, Georgia







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