Statement of Secretary of National Security Council of Georgia on Motivated Remarks of President Margvelashvili

“I think, it is not right to divide the Constitution into sectors. Firstly, I would like to highlight that the President’s motivated remarks attempt to establish compromised standards in the Georgian politics. Achieving a consensus, itself, implies strengthening democratic processes and advancing democracy; while, democracy and its quality are not only attributes or some kind of accessories for our country, but foundations of our existence, including our security.

You cannot find our single partner in Europe, or our strategic ally, who does not underscore that Georgian security stands on its democracy; that democracy and public engagement is a cornerstone for which Georgia is considered so attractive. That is how our country’s role is pictured in the global democratic world. This is the topic of today’s discussion and I think it is crucial all to understand the issue that is to be solved – how Georgia can advance the quality of democracy which is directly related to our national security,” Mr. Rakviashvili stated.

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   July 2019