Giorgi Margvelashvili

The President of Georgia

The President of Georgia is empowered to exercise the following constitutional powers concerning the defence and security of the country:

According to the Constitution of Georgia, the President of Georgia:

  • is the Head of the Country and guarantees the unity and national sovereignty of the Country;
  • ensures operation of State Agencies in accordance with the powers stipulated in the Constitution;
  • is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Georgia;
  • represents Georgia in foreign relations;
  • in the case of armed attack against Georgia, declares a State of War and, provided that there are acceptable terms, signs an agreement for truce; those decisions are submitted to the Parliament for approval within forty eight (48) hours;
  • in the case of war, massive disorder, violation of the territorial integrity of the Country, military coup, armed insurrection, ecological disaster or epidemic or in any other cases, in which State Authorities are deprived of the ability to execute their powers stipulated in the Constitution, declares a State of Emergency throughout the territory of the Country or any part(s) of the Country, and submits this decision to the Parliament for approval within forty eight (48) hours; Emergency authority extends only to the territory where the State of Emergency is declared as appropriate to the circumstances enumerated above;
  •  in the cases of a state of war or a state of emergency, issues decrees that have the power of law, which are valid during the period of the state of war or the state of emergency, and takes special measures; 
  • at the request of the Government, and after approval of the Parliament, is empowered to halt or dismiss the activity of self-government or any other representatives of territorial units in cases, where their activities endanger the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Country or the execution of Constitutional powers by State Authorities;
  • in order to execute constitutional powers, issues decrees, instructions and orders and being the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Georgia, issues orders;
  • awards the highest rank military titles and special titles;
  • appoints Members of the National Security Council, and with the agreement of the  Government appoints and dismisses the Chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces and other Commanders;
  • defines the structure of the Armed Forces;
  • decides on the use of military forces and submits this decision to the Parliament for approval within forty eight (48) hours;
  • for the purpose of the state defence, in special cases, or in cases envisaged by the law, makes decision to permit the entrance, use and movement of the military forces of another country on the territory of Georgia. The decision is immediately submitted to the Parliament for approval and it enters into force upon the consent of the Parliament.


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