Powers of The NSC

Powers of the National Security Council of Georgia

The National Security Council of Georgia, within the constitutional powers of the President of Georgia, considers the following:

  • National military strategy of Georgia;
  • Issues directly related to the military development and organization of defence of the country;
  • Situations related to the cases of armed attack against Georgia, declaration of a State of War and, provided that there are acceptable terms, signing of an agreement for truce;
  • Situations related to the cases of war, massive disorder, violation of the territorial integrity of the Country, military coup, armed insurrection, ecological disaster or epidemic or in any other cases, in which State Authorities are deprived of the ability to execute their powers stipulated in the Constitution;
  • Question related to issuing decrees in the cases of a state of war or a state of emergency;
  • Structure of the military forces and submits it to president for approval;
  • Issues related to appointment and dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces and other Commanders;
  • Issues related to the situations regarding the international conflict zones and develops proposals concerning Georgia’s cooperation with joint security systems;
  • appropriateness of Georgia’s participation in security measures conducted outside the country and in accordance with treaties and agreements signed and/or recognized by Georgia;
  • the appropriateness of the entrance, use and movement of the military forces of another country on the territory of Georgia for the purpose of national defence, in special cases or in cases envisaged by law;
  • issues regarding the combat readiness of the military forces;
  • the size of the armed forces is determined by the vote of 2/3 of the members of the National Security council and is submitted for the approval by the Parliament of Georgia together with submitting of the State Budget by the Government of Georgia.
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